Network API

API for Network(Network API)

Before you get started with Offerslook API, you need to read instructions below.


There is one authentication methods for the API: HTTP Basic authentication. The easiest way to authenticate is using HTTP Basic authentication. Enter network’s name as your username and supply your API Key as the password.


1). Before using API you need to apply for an API key, which is a long-term active character string randomly generated. 2). You should put IP address in a white list for using the API. 3). You need to attach an API key when you set up a request on API.

Getting API Key

1). Log in the admin account, then find API option in the second class menu and enter the API set-up page. 2). If you do not get API key, please click “Create API Key” and get it. 3). API Key will be displayed on the page when successfully generated. When you request an API key, you can see Domain on the right.

IP whitelist

1). The API whitelist will be displayed in the list where you can add new IP address. 2). An API key must be paired with a valid IP, then user can call API from the IP. 3). Network imposes restrictions by its own needs on the client IPs that access to API.

Rate Limiting

50 API calls every 10 seconds(including all your affiliates)

If you want to increase rate limit, please contact your account manager for customization.

API Process Flow

1) Check the Key; 2) Check the network domain name; 3) Check whether the IP address is in the IP white list; 4) Check whether the API communication frequency is within the prescribed scope; 5) Check whether the API interface communication method is correct or not; 6) Filter parameters; 7) Process instruction; 8) Get the return value.

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